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Re: Auctex&Beamer recognising pdftex mode automatically

From: Ulrich M. Schwarz
Subject: Re: Auctex&Beamer recognising pdftex mode automatically
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 07:45:13 +0200
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Brendan Halpin <address@hidden> writes:

> I've been looking for a way to get Emacs/AucTeX to recognise that a
> paticular latex file should be processed by pdflatex, and was
> delighted to stumble on the fact that \usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx}
> or \documentclass[pdftex]{...} was enough. 
> But it doesn't seem to work for Beamer files, i.e.
> \documentclass[pdftex]{beamer} still gets put in LaTeX-mode. Is
> this an oddity of beamer.cls?
> A pity if so because it's a nice neat feature.

Putting %&pdflatex as the first line will┬╣ cause LaTeX to behave as if
you called pdflatex (even if you called latex).


┬╣ this can be disabled; the key phrase to look for is "parse first
line". I believe it's enabled in recent TeXLives, don't know about the
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