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Re: Emacs (in console) on 2 screens.

From: Pascal Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Emacs (in console) on 2 screens.
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 01:08:53 +0200
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Martin <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I am using emacs (not XEmacs!) in a console.
> Since I have 2 screens (Xinerama, Gnome, Debian) I want to use emacs
> on both screens.
> Up til now I always use two independent consoles with two indendent
> emacs sessions.
> But since they are independent I always have problems when I open a
> file in both emacs sessions:
> Emacs notices that somebody else is changing the file and asks me if I
> want to steal the file.
> Is there an easy way to get the console stretch over the 2 screens or
> a way to tell the emacs-sessions that they should react as if they
> would be seperated views, not seperated applications?

If you use X (eg with Gnome), then just use make-frame to make a new X
window and move it over to the other screen.

If each  monitor is managed by different X servers, then you can use
make-frame-on-display (works well when the different X servers are on
different computers too! ;-))

Technically, a X server running on the video-card of a PC is running
on the "console" of that computer, but we usually don't call it
"console", reserving the term for the character terminal emulation
running in the other virtual consoles.

So if you're running emacs on the linux console terminal, in character
mode, then you will need to use the multi-tty branch of emacs, which
allows to hook the same emacs instance to two terminals like
make-frame-on-display does with two X servers.

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