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Re: what can I do with regexp match?

From: Seweryn Kokot
Subject: Re: what can I do with regexp match?
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 19:07:36 +0200
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"Lennart Borgman (gmail)" <address@hidden> writes:

>> Now my function is:
>> (defun my-document-files ()
>>   "Open all document files"
>>   (interactive)
>>   (while (re-search-forward "\\\\include{\\(.*\\)}")
>>       (find-file (concat "~/" (match-string 1) ".tex"))))
>> why it failed although I have much more occurences of \include{...} in
>> the main.tex file? Any idea?
> Read the documentation for find-file.
Ok I see the problem I wonder if it would be better first to read a
buffer to a variable, then to search regexp, then assign matches to a
list and finally visit files from the list using dolist? But the problem
is how to create a list from regexp matches?

(defun my-document-files ()
         (let ((bufor (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max)))
                         pliki wartosc)
                (string-match "\\\\include{\\(.*?\\)}" bufor)
                (setq (match-string 0) pliki)
                (dolist (plik pliki wartosc)
                  (find-file (concat "~/foo/" plik ".tex"))))))

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