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What's really new with Emacs 22?

From: Drew Ames
Subject: What's really new with Emacs 22?
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 03:11:29 GMT
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Hi All,

I'm relativly new to Emacs; I've been using version 21.4 for the past
six months or so. I've learned how to load isp files like
longlines.el, and I've started learning how to set up my .emacs file
to customize Emacs to be just the way I like it. I'm even posting this
message from Gnus.

I'm interested in version 22, but I'm also very confused by what I'm
reading on the emacs web page. I go to the page, and it says, "The
next release will have __many new features__, but no one specific
essential feature."

Fine. That means that the next version is a series of
refinements. But, what I click on "many new features" the page takes
me to a "news" page on a CVS server. The news makes little sense to me
as a newbie, there are "empty log messages" and "update for CVS"

The information on that page has nothing to do with "many new
features" and everything to do with a development log. I've been
looking for a while, but haven't found a concise list of new features
in Emacs 22. I saw some new features mentioned in the thread above,
"Emacs 21 or Snapshot?"

Is there a better list somewhere? Is it possible to list the

Any help would be appreciated.



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