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Re: How to make Ctrl-d not log off the shell?

From: mowgli
Subject: Re: How to make Ctrl-d not log off the shell?
Date: 17 May 2007 12:53:26 -0700
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On May 17, 1:48 pm, Dieter Wilhelm <address@hidden>
> Tyler Smith <address@hidden> writes:
> > On 2007-05-16, mowgli <address@hidden> wrote:
> >> How do you make pressing Ctrl-d not log off the shell and instead ask
> >> a question like Do you really want to quit? typing y quits the shell.
> > (add-hook 'comint-mode-hook
> >      '(lambda ()
> >             (define-key comint-mode-map "\C-d" 'delete-char)))
> This might be an alternative at least when using a bash shell or
> similar:
> I mitigated such a problem for terminals and for the *shell* buffer
> with placing the following in my .bashrc:
>   export IGNOREEOF=1 # only ^D twice is exiting now
> Since it prints a warning  before typing the decisive (in this case
> second) C-d.

This is what I wanted. But instead of twice, it would be nice to have
5 times instead. Because whenever there's an accidental logoff it's
mostly due to many Ctrl-d presses and not just two.

Where can I find documentaion for C-d for bash?


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