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Re: Quite a few emacs questions

From: mowgli
Subject: Re: Quite a few emacs questions
Date: 17 May 2007 14:50:43 -0700
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On May 18, 1:35 am, Tyler Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 2007-05-17, mowgli <address@hidden> wrote:

> It would be really helpful for you to sit down and work through the
> built-in tutorial. All the basics of moving around windows and buffers
> is covered there. You can start it by typing
> C-h i
> and then just follow the instructions.

Well, I had alerady have done it before posting any questions here. I
forgot that even in the shell I have to use these keys to just list
the directory contents. It's a bit tedious though, don't you think,
when on the actual console, we need not do such things?


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