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Re: creating .rtf files

From: thorne
Subject: Re: creating .rtf files
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 16:36:08 -0700
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Amy Templeton <address@hidden> writes:

> I don't know about rich text format (there's probably an emacs
> library for this somewhere), but you *can* save in enriched text if
> you use enriched-mode.

As a (perhaps) aside, a year or so ago when i looked into it, i was
not able to find any programs to import enriched text.  I modified the
standard little C program that converts to html for my uses, but the
resulting html doesn't preserve text formatting.  `enriched-mode'
would be a lot more useful to me if it could be easily converted for
use with OpenOffice or LaTeX or some such.

I recently spent gobs of time futzing around with trying to get text
written in Emacs to programatically turn itself into properly
formatted fiction manuscripts.  It involved all kinds of hacks with
ps-print and writing a whole preprocessor and so on.  In the end, i
pretty much have come to the realization that Emacs just isn't a
WYSIWYG word processor--it's a text editor.

So having said that, if you really need .rtf, maybe something
not-emacs would work better.  And if you're married to using Emacs
like i am, and if what you're doing is pretty straight-forward, maybe
something like latex2rtf would work....  Or importing plain text into
a word processor after the fact and adding your formatting.

If your needs are _very_ simple (or you are crazy), you can actually
google the rtf 1.0 spec and write a converter in lisp just for your
own specific needs, which is what i did.

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