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cal-tex printing still not working on letter paper

From: Alan
Subject: cal-tex printing still not working on letter paper
Date: 21 May 2007 06:11:40 -0700
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I have found posts about a problem printing latex calendars dating a
few years back, with a fix (setq tex-dvi-print-command "dvips -t
letter").  That fix doesn't work for me.  I had fixed this problem a
few months ago, and new having installed a new cvs (23.0.0) version,
and new copies of older versions, the fix is lost.

Also, my printer (Brother HL1440) doesn't seem to exit gracefully from
whatever the new output is doing, and has to be reset each time I
print a calendar.

Has someone figured this out?  The older posts indicated that at that
time the cal-tex package had been targeted to older versions of
LaTeX.  The version I have been trying to work with has a header
"documentclass...", however, and seems perhaps to be more up to date.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Alan Davis

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