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Re: Copy things out of Emacs

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Copy things out of Emacs
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 14:47:08 +1000
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Leo <address@hidden> writes:

> ----- Tim X (2007-05-19) wrote:-----
>>> And this does not work at all with xterm-mouse-mode enabled.
>> It does for me as long as you hold down the shift key while making the
>> selection. I just verified this. What I did
>> 1. started an xterm
>> 2. ran emacs -nw
>> 3. M-x xterm-mouse-mode
>> 4. while holding down the shift key, holding down button 1 on the mouse, 
>> select
>> text to paste.
>> 5. Switched to another application (I tried another xterm and firefox) and 
>> hit
>> the middle mouse button. The text I had selected from the emacs screen was
>> pasted into the xterm and into the url box for firefox. 
> Is there something similar to `x-select-enable-clipboard' that works in
> terminal?

Don't know as I rarely use an xterm to run emacs. 

Seeing a number of posts from you regarding functionality you want from emacs
running in an xterm, I have to ask why do you want to run emacs in an xterm?
Is it simply to get aliased fonts or something?

I'm only wondering because all the things your having problems with simply go
away if you run natively under X, plus you get multiple frames and some other
nice features. 

I suspect you will always have some problems because your essentially workinig
against the system rather than with it. If you feel it is necessary to do this
because of some advantage you get doing it that way, thats fine. 

The point is that running emacs under an xterm means your running a version
oriented towards a basic text oriented console, such as the Linux virtual
consoles or a vt100 type console. In this environment, things are modeled on a
single window, non-graphics type iinteraction where it is assumed that on the
whole, you run a single application at a time and either exit or suspend that
app to run something else - in short, the 'old' environment we had before X or
with early MS DOS. Modes like xterm-mouse-mode etc are add ons that attempt to
provide support for things like using the mouse on menus etc. To some extent
they are a hack rather than part of the base design and therefore will always
be less feature rich and rpone to unexpected behavior.

It is possible that if we understood why you want to run in an xterm, we may be
able to find better solutions under a native X version that would provide the
same/similar benefits to what you get running within an xterm, but with all the
emacs built-in support for working in a graphical environment like X. 

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