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Re: Copy things out of Emacs

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Copy things out of Emacs
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 19:07:09 +1000
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Leo <address@hidden> writes:

> ----- Tim X (2007-05-23) wrote:-----
>> Seeing a number of posts from you regarding functionality you want
>> from emacs running in an xterm, I have to ask why do you want to run
>> emacs in an xterm?  Is it simply to get aliased fonts or something?
> It is almost as good as running Emacs in X, supports XFT and unicode and
> much stabler.
> I can easily crash Emacs 23 and it consumes a lot of CPU sometimes. Bug
> reports have been submitted a long time ago. No fix so far.

Hmm, that must be some issue with the unicode branch of emacs 22. I'm running
the main branch and have been for a long time now. I was running the older X
toolkit version, but have switched to the GTK version about 6 weeks ago. I run
almost exclusively within native X and have no stability problems or any load
issues. I've had perhaps one or two crashes in over 18 months and some problems
with tramp (which turned out to be due to an add-on package. I live in emacs
pretty much every day all day, at work and at home. 

The only issue I've not yet solved is one that popped up about a month ago. I'm
getting 'odd' behavior with some advised functions which only occurs in the GTK
version and I've since found out I can only reproduce it with emacs 22 built
from sources on a Debian 'Unstable' distribution. I need to put in a lot of
effort to try and track it down as it makes no sense to affect only the GTK
version and not the version built with th e older X toolkit. The good news is
its all working fine and as stable as a rock under Debian testing. 

As the unicode branch is still under active development and given the likely
impact of the changes in that branch, I suspect you will find many packages
that don't quite work correctly. Changing something as large as emacs to use
unicode is not trivial and there are many emacs packages that have been written
with the assumption of character sets being single byte etc. 

I have found the UTF-8 support in the main branch of eamcs 22 to be very good
and reliable. If that is enough for you, I'd suggest trying the main 22 branch
within an xterm and seeing if that improves the situation for you (is the XFT
stuff even relevant if your running within an xterm anyway? wouldn't the xterm
be handling all of that?)


tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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