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Re: Resolving Key Sequence conflict between icicles and org-mode

From: Anupam Sengupta
Subject: Re: Resolving Key Sequence conflict between icicles and org-mode
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 21:31:31 -0700
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>> Recently, I came across Icicles mode, which seems to offer
>> features far beyond IDO. However, there is a key sequence
>> conflict between the Org-Mode and Icicles packages - on
> Shift-Tab <s-tab>).
>> Org-Mode uses <s-tab> for the org-shifttab function to cycle
>> global visibility of the outline, whereas Icicles binds this
>> key to icicle-generic-S-tab for completions.
>> Is there a way to locally rebind <s-tab> in Org-Mode buffers to
>> be the original org-shifttab function?
>> I did try M-x local-set-key  to try binding <s-tab> to org-shifttab in a
>> org-mode buffer, however, this does not seem to help (the binding
>> still remains with Icicles).
>        That is because the Icicles binding is a minor-mode binding. Whenever 
> you
>        are in Icicle mode, the bindings in `icicle-mode-map' are in effect. 
> Minor
>        mode bindings override global and local bindings.

Hmm ... did not know that.

>> I also tried (define-key org-mode-map "<S-tab>" 'org-shifttab)
>> in my .emacs after Org-mode and Icicles was loaded, but this
>> does not work either.
>        I assume that Org mode is a major mode. Minor mode bindings take 
> precedence.

You are right. Org-mode *is* the major mode here.

>> Any suggestions would be really welcome, as Icicles is a feature
>> which looks pretty useful.
>       I see two choices: 
>       1) use a different key for the Org mode command or 

Not an option :-( Muscle memory is too strong here :-)

>       2) use a different key for Icicle mode ;-). 

Workable, as long as it is applicable for only the Org-mode. I am happy with
[S-tab] for all other Icicle operations.

>       For information about Icicles key bindings, see 
>       For information about customizing Icicles key bindings, see
>       Other possibilities include: 
>       1) redefining `icicle-generic-S-tab' to call `org-shifttab' when in Org 
> mode
>       2) binding S-TAB to a command that calls `org-shifttab' when in Org 
> mode and 
>          `icicle-generic-S-tab' otherwise.

Thanks !This option seems the best one right now. See code below for the 
solution I cam
up with. Quite possibly not the best lisp-code out there, but works ;-)

       (require 'icicles)
       (require 'icicles-menu)

       ;; Add a work around for the [S-tab] conflict between Org-Mode and
       ;; Icicles
       (add-hook 'icicle-mode-hook 'bind-my-icicle-keys)
       (defun bind-my-icicle-keys ()
         "Add the custom binding for [S-tab] when Icicles is used"
           (define-key icicle-mode-map [S-tab] 'bind-my-s-tab-for-org-mode))

       (defun bind-my-s-tab-for-org-mode (&optional arg)
         "Binds [S-tab] to cycle the outline in Org-Mode
and use the icicle mode functions otherwise."
         (interactive "P")
         (if (string= mode-name "Org")
             (org-shifttab arg)
       ;; End of the work around

       (icicle-mode 1)

Thanks a lot for the detailed post! This really helped me out.


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