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Re: customizing emacs windows

From: Ivan
Subject: Re: customizing emacs windows
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 14:02:09 +0300
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On петък, Май 25 2007, Ivan wrote:

> First, thanks for your messages. Sorry if I wasn't quite clear in my
> request. I almost managed to achieve what I needed with simple
> Emacs-commands. I defined a function in .emacs that opens buffers and
> splits windows and I called that function on Emacs start. I used
> commands such as split-window-vertically, find-file, other-window and
> so on. It is not perfect because I have problems controlling which
> window which buffer to display as one of the things I start is - run
> Slime and Slime does some strange things with the windows. I also have
> problems controlling windows's sizes. 
> My requirements are very simple for now - I need the Emacs frame
> devided into several windows with particular sizes. Each window should
> display a particular buffer.

As a matter of fact what I'm trying to do is make Emacs provide an
integrated development environment for Lisp development like
Eclispe. I need several buffers:
2. Log output buffer
3. Project's source files tree
4. Web browser

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