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Re: compiling emacs using cygwin

From: David R
Subject: Re: compiling emacs using cygwin
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 12:47:41 +0100
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Eric Hanchrow wrote:
I've found building Emacs on Windows to be difficult, although I've
written down what works on

You seem to be trying to build a "native Windows" binary, as opposed
to a Cygwin binary.  Is that right?
I am not quite sure. I was attempting to use cygwin to compile it and I presumed that this will produce a native windows binary. I have used MingW will reasonable success. It produces an emacs from the nt version which runs on win XP but its appearance looks a bit shoddy, as thought it only uses 16 colours. I presume that this is because I did not included any image support stuff like the link you mentioned does suggest.

If you want to build a Cygwin binary, install gcc 4 from source (yes,
that's a pain, but it works "out of the box") and then build Emacs
with the usual Unix-style "./configure; make" (i.e., use ./configure
instead of nt/configure.bat).

This is a bit of a problem to install gcc4 from source because the setup utility only goes up to version 3.4.4
I have a few questions
1. How do I discover the version of my gcc without going to the setup utility? 2. Is there anywhere on the net which gives me a "hold your hand" guide to compiling gcc from source on cygwin. I have found for linux but not unixy shells. 3. I have looked for a good introduction to unix via cygwin but have not found any useful stuff for the beginner. Any suggestions?

David R

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