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Re: Debian Testing SLIME startup in GNU Emacs

From: Ivan
Subject: Re: Debian Testing SLIME startup in GNU Emacs
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 20:13:52 +0300
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On събота, Май 26 2007, Amy Templeton wrote:

> Every time I start emacs and SLIME starts, it gives me the warning
> "Protocol version mismatch. Continue anyway? (y or n) ." So I hit
> "y" and it continues without a hitch! I know this isn't a huge
> deal, but it is somewhat annoying and is a behavior that really
> doesn't benefit me at all. Does anybody know what causes this, and
> if so how to fix and/or disable it? I would be much obliged for any
> help you'd be willing/able to give.

Most probably you have upgraded your version of Slime but your old
fasl files are used. So you need to delete them. Usually they are in
this directory: ~/.slime. This is a Slime question and you're more
likely to get faster response in the corresponding group.


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