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unicode path displays wrong in minibuffer

From: mopi
Subject: unicode path displays wrong in minibuffer
Date: 28 May 2007 12:21:14 -0700
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It seems that some characters are displayed wrong in the minibuffer
when I save a file.

In *Messages* buffer it displays correctly as:
Wrote d:/- Johans/träning/2007.txt

But in minibuffer the ä-character gets escaped:
Wrote d:/- Johans/tr\344ning/2007.txt

I'm running GNU Emacs on Win XP using Swedish keymap. I have
tried both

(setq file-name-coding-system 'iso-8859-15)
(setq file-name-coding-system 'utf-8)

as well as supplying nothing. All give the wrong display. I have not
touched the variable default-file-name-coding-system and it's value is
iso-latin-1-dos if that is relevant.

Is there a solution or should I file a bug report somewhere?
Thanks in advance.

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