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Re: how to keep .emacs files in synch

From: Andrew Walrond
Subject: Re: how to keep .emacs files in synch
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 20:30:24 +0100
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kj wrote:
> I regularly work on various systems, and it's a bit of a chore to
> keep my .emacs files in synch.  I've tried various approaches, none
> entirely satisfactory.  The two issues that give me the most
> headaches are 1) to automate the process whereby changes to one
> system's .emacs file gets reflected on the .emacs files on other
> systems; and 2) to manage those modifications that are applicable
> to only one or a subset of the systems.
> I'd be interested to read how others solve this problem.

Well, I would use one .emacs on all systems, but include some COND stuff
to let the .emacs decide which parts are appropriate for the current system.

And of course all my important .emacs, .emacs.d/ and other settings are
stored in a mercurial repository. On a machine I haven't used for a while,
        hg pull -u
gets all the latest files before I start work. If I make some changes to
the local .emacs,
        hg commit
        hg push
makes the changes available to all my other machines.

SCM this easy has all sorts of uses :)

Andrew Walrond

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