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emacs22: strange behaviour of C-x

From: Ulrich Scholz
Subject: emacs22: strange behaviour of C-x
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 05:26:00 -0700
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Dear all,

after upgrading to Gnu Emacs 22 I discovered a new, strange behaviour
of C-x.

On my system I use C-x as prefix for, e.g., operations on rectangles
(rect.el).  C-x r c runs the command clear-rectangle. With Gnu Emacs
21 I marked a rectangle with the mouse, pressed C-x r c, and the
rectangle was filled with spaces - great.

Now with Gnu Emacs 22 things have become strange: After marking the
rectangle and pressing C-x, the rectangle is killed.  In other words:
Before I can press "r c" or anything else, simply the "C-x" kills the

Now, If I undo the killing and then immediately press "C-x r c", the
marked rectangle is cleard as before.

"C-h k C-x" gives no result (meaning that more key strokes are
necessary for a mapping to a function, e.g., "C-x r c" to clear-

What is happening here?


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