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Re: Reading/Managing mail with emacs

From: Joel J. Adamson
Subject: Re: Reading/Managing mail with emacs
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 12:38:16 -0400
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Sivaram Neelakantan <address@hidden> writes:

> Tim X <address@hidden> writes:
> [...]
>> The 'heavy weight' is Gnus. I've looked at it, but to be honest, it has a
>> very very steep learning curve and will take a fair bit to configure. I use
>> Gnus for reading newsgroups and it is excellent at that. It is probably OK
>> for mail and lots of people love it, but I personally never felt
>> comfortable with it and at times, it took a lot of work to find out how to
>> do something which is normally fairly trivial. 

Gnus does so many things that this is the one Emacs mode where I
regularly use the menus.  I always have the reference card (which is
six pages long) nearby.

> Sometimes in my saner moments, I do wonder why I use Gnus.  :-)
> I can't recall why I decided on Gnus (now, living dangerously, on the
> CVS version) but it worked the first time I tried.

For me, the first time I failed miserably at using it, but now I have
gotten it to work and I love it.  It just goes toward making the
all-in-one sickness progress.


Joel J. Adamson
Pediatric Psychopharmacology Research Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA  02114
(617) 643-1432
(303) 880-3109

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