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Re: binding a command and a parameter

From: Nikola Skoric
Subject: Re: binding a command and a parameter
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 20:46:06 +0000 (UTC)
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Dana 14 Oct 2007 19:54:55 GMT, 
Joost Kremers <address@hidden> kaze:
> Nikola Skoric wrote:
>> Of course dvi file is up-to-date since I'm editing .tex file which is then
>> \included to .tex file I'm compiling (main fail doesn't change). So, my 
>> default
>> option is always view :-)
> then there is something not entirely right about your setup. my first guess
> would be that you don't have a TeX-master set in your included files. if
> you do, AUCTeX will know that the file you're editing is not the master
> file, and will do the right thing if you compile your document. (what i
> mean is, you can then type C-c C-c in your included file, the one you're
> editing, and AUCTeX will know that it should actually compile the master
> file; it will also know that even though the master file hasn't changed, it
> must still run LaTeX on in, instead of xdvi.)

Wow. I constanty forget that both latex and emacs are older than me so every
problem I have has already been solved.

> the way to do this is to include a block of Local Variables in all of your
> latex files, right at the end:
> %%% Local Variables: 
> %%% mode: latex
> %%% TeX-master: "thesis"
> %%% End: 

Hm. Interesting thing happens now. If I now do the C-c C-c latex thing from
main file - everything's fine. But, if I do it from included file, I get
errors. I then click the yellow triangle error icon and it opens *main_file
output* which has no errors in it. When I click that icon it usualy opens
*TeX Help* buffer and points to the line with error, but not this time...
So I just can't figure out where the error is.

>>> however, the prompt sports TAB-completion, so all you really need to type
>>> to get latex is just `l', then hit RETURN.
>> Arrow up works fine to, but I'd really like to learn how to bind this kind of
>> commands. :-D
> well, i guess binding a command plus interactive input to a key isn't the
> most common thing to do. 

OK, fair enough :-)

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