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Re: binding a command and a parameter

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: binding a command and a parameter
Date: 14 Oct 2007 22:17:24 GMT
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Nikola Skoric wrote:
> Ha! It works. I restarted emacs, removed two % signs from each line (so I have
> just one % per line) and now it works for some unknown reason.

three or one percent sign shouldn't matter one bit. restarting emacs did
the trick. (i think it would have been enough to close all the files of the
project and load them again, but restarting emacs may actually be
quicker. ;-)

> Thank you very
> much for helping me with this one, it will make my live much more easier
> :-)

AUCTeX is a bit like emacs: i've been using it for quite a few years now,
and i still discover new functions.

check out TeX-fold-mode and RefTeX, for example.

Joost Kremers                                      address@hidden
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