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Desperately need help for html to LaTeX conversion

From: vasan999
Subject: Desperately need help for html to LaTeX conversion
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 18:01:40 -0000
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Because my previous thread had no reply that could help
me, I start it again.

I am very depressed now with the following problem.

I have a set of html files, must be human readable (as some of the
output tools produce human readable LaTeX)

that I want to convert to human readable latex.

The program by

produces human unreadable tex. and i could not see the compiled
resulting dvi.

The gnu program produces human readable latex, but does not handle all
the tags.

the C program by Faase ??? produces human readable latex but misses a
few tags.

The C program is unreadable by me so I cant modify it.

On sourceforge there are two programs one in Perl and the other in

The perl one does not run due to path problems.

The java one produces complicated latex, possibly human readable, but
that does not compile so I could not see its quality.

Does someone have a program? I prefer a well documented and fully
commented program that one can modify or one that can do the job
without the need for understanding its operation.

Please help. The situation is very desperate.


Is there a html-merging tool that can merge a set of html files into a
single html file and resolve the links and cross-references with
minimal changes to the rest of the portions of the html, ie not
scramble the rest of the file.

I know some awk/perl/sed/python/scheme/lisp will do it.

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