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RE: buffer for unopened file?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: buffer for unopened file?
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 11:20:03 -0700

> The use case is that I have a makefile that
> generates dependencies for an application
> and those dependencies are scattered around
> a directory tree with other files that aren't
> dependencies.  When I'm working on the source
> code, I sometimes want to open a file that I know
> starts with xyz, but I don't know its directory or
> what it ends with.  It would be nice to use buffer
> name completion to find the file.  What I do today
> is a tags search for something I know is in that
> file, but sometimes I can't think of exactly what's
> in it.  If I could just type C-x b xyz<tab> and see
> a list of all of the (pseudo)buffers that begin
> with xyz or search my ECB alphabetized
> buffer list for the file, that would be great.

Sebastian's reply was probably more helpful than mine, in that case.

However, I'd suggest you take a look at Emacs Wiki. There are several
libraries that provide something close to what you are requesting, if
Sebastian's suggestion doesn't do it for you 100%.

There are libraries that let you define a named set of files or buffers that
you frequently want to visit, search, etc.  Icicles, filename-cache, and
bs.el come to mind, but there are others.

FYI, in Icicles:

* You can save a buffer configuration (list of buffers etc.) persistently.

* You can save a list of regions (in multiple buffers) persistently.

* You can create a custom list of completion candidates (file names, buffer
names, whatever), save that persistently, and reuse it later (for

* You can save a set of file-name candidates persistently, and later open
Dired for just those files.

All of those work with completion, including substring and regexp

Some Icicles links that might help here:

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