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What is the best html to latex program on the market or the internet ?

From: vasan999
Subject: What is the best html to latex program on the market or the internet ?
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 21:57:15 -0000
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Basically, it should do all that any of the tools below and in

human readable output that maintains the text lines of the source, ie
does not scramble the text lines or insert newlines unnecessarily or
removes them. inserts minimal latex elements.

maintains cross-links, ie convert <href to \ref and <name= to \label

but if the set of htmls is incomplete proceed with the assumption that
the reference is there, ie dont delete the links or try to modify them
or their addresses. One of the tool I tested is too smart in this
respect and actually ruins the result.

proper conversion of images, tables, etc. No math mode involved in

Even an emacs lisp function could be written by a guru that can do the

Is there any commercial wysiwig tool ?

LaTeX etc

    * html2latex is a program based on the NCSA html parser. Contact:
    * Another html2latex can combine several HTML files into a single
LaTeX file, converting links between the files to references. External
URL's can be converted into footnotes or into a bibliography sorted on
URL. Contact: address@hidden (Frans J. Faase)
    * Another html2latex implemented on Linux by yacc+lex+C. Also
available from the TSX-11 Linux FTP site as nc-html2latex-0.97.tar.gz.
Contact: address@hidden (Naoya Tozuka)
    * is a perl script to do the conversion (may be moving
soon). Contact: address@hidden (Jake Kesinger)
    * There is also a sed script to convert HTML into LaTeX.

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