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Re: What is the best html to latex program on the market or the internet

From: vasan999
Subject: Re: What is the best html to latex program on the market or the internet ?
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 01:26:10 -0000
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maybe I should post in european tex groups also

On Oct 22, 2:57 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> Basically, it should do all that any of the tools below and in
> addition,
> 1/
> human readable output that maintains the text lines of the source, ie
> does not scramble the text lines or insert newlines unnecessarily or
> removes them. inserts minimal latex elements.
> 2/
> maintains cross-links, ie convert <href to \ref and <name= to \label
> but if the set of htmls is incomplete proceed with the assumption that
> the reference is there, ie dont delete the links or try to modify them
> or their addresses. One of the tool I tested is too smart in this
> respect and actually ruins the result.
> 3/
> proper conversion of images, tables, etc. No math mode involved in
> html.
> 4/
> Even an emacs lisp function could be written by a guru that can do the
> job.
> 5/
> Is there any commercial wysiwig tool ?
> LaTeX etc
>     * html2latex is a program based on the NCSA html parser. Contact:
> address@hidden
>     * Another html2latex can combine several HTML files into a single
> LaTeX file, converting links between the files to references. External
> URL's can be converted into footnotes or into a bibliography sorted on
> URL. Contact: address@hidden (Frans J. Faase)
>     * Another html2latex implemented on Linux by yacc+lex+C. Also
> available from the TSX-11 Linux FTP site as nc-html2latex-0.97.tar.gz.
> Contact: address@hidden (Naoya Tozuka)
>     * is a perl script to do the conversion (may be moving
> soon). Contact: address@hidden (Jake Kesinger)
>     * There is also a sed script to convert HTML into LaTeX.

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