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Re: How to exit out of a function ? what is try-catch-throw in terms of

From: gnuist006
Subject: Re: How to exit out of a function ? what is try-catch-throw in terms of Program Counter
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:54:38 -0000
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On Oct 23, 9:33 am, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:
> > NOTE: I am really afraid of try-catch-throw. I have never been
> > able to understand it since it does not exist in C and I can't
> > really visualize the construct in terms of C. That is what my
> Actually, these constructs pretty much exist in C as well: `catch' is called
> `setjmp', and `throw' is called `longjmp'.
>         Stefan

Stefan, let me thank you for what seems to me to be the correct
I searched this whole thread in google for setjmp and YOU are the only
one who mentioned it. I applaud you. Because, it does not seem that
is any other construct that can implement try-catch-throw. I still
have to
read up on it, but thats what my gut instinct says.

Anyone, care to show how this translates into assembly after we deal
thoroughly with this in the context of C ?

Everyone, please ignore the the mean spirits trying to derail a
conceptual discussions and calling each other trolls or giving
explanations for ego purposes, and not LUCID explanation.

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