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Re: How do I get the definition of a function ?

From: Jason
Subject: Re: How do I get the definition of a function ?
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 07:24:24 -0700
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On Oct 20, 1:55 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> How do I get the definition, ie source code of a function in emacs
> lisp ?
> But if it shows some binary or opcode string.
> How do I decompile the string ?
> Please paste the session of an example
> using eval last sexp or eval print last sexp.
> Also what is the mathematics of the opcodes ?
> Is it related to the combinators in any way ?
> Is there any mathematics to speed up the interpretation
> of these opcodes and keep their size minimal? Is there
> any relation to the mathematics behind the lisp machines?
> Just want to see the whole picture.
> Thanks a lot for elucidation.
> Gnuist

Try apropos [function-name]. If you get a buffer saying "[function-
name] is a function defined in `module` then click on the `module` and
you will get the definition.


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