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Re: how to do this transient mark trick

From: matthias
Subject: Re: how to do this transient mark trick
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 17:25:08 +0100
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Andreas Röhler wrote:

AFAIU that's the usual behaviour if
`transient-mark-mode' is on.

not exactly. the difference is that the i am already used to the intended behavior. Only i can't exactly state from what editor (probably mostt of those i have ever used...)

BTW for practical purposes--beside of exercises--I
rather doubt such a construct being useful.

That should be a question of personal taste.

As your code shows already, just press C-<space> to set
the mark and move cursor: region is displayed.

Press C-<space> again and region is gone.

I can't follow here - what is your statement? I probably did not motivate my code enough. I know about C-<space> and i wanted to *change* to the proposed behavior for "usability"-reasons.


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