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Re: emacsclient with emacs-23.0.60

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: emacsclient with emacs-23.0.60
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 00:59:52 +0100

Am 30.10.2007 um 23:59 schrieb Thierry Volpiatto:

i have a problem with my shells:
when i call at boot the last command of the tty1, instead of having
startx (thats the last command of this term normally) i have all the
last command i done in my urxvt term ( x term)

Is there no way to make the PC boot into the "X11 level?" I.e. setting initdefault in /etc/inittab to 5 via 'sudo telinit 5' should allow you to log-in at a graphical tool which, when you succeed, will launch X11 for you at once.

When the file ~/.bash_login exists then ~/.profile won't be read/ executed by bash when using a login shell.
An interactive bash reads/executes ~/.bashrc.

Yesterday, in MET, it worked again to compile GNU Emacs 23.0.60 on Mac OS X – and its emacsclient works well!



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