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Re: Emacs bindings in other programs

From: Sebastian Tennant
Subject: Re: Emacs bindings in other programs
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 00:02:59 +0200
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Quoth Malte Spiess <address@hidden>:
> Sebastian Tennant <address@hidden> writes:
>> Could you tell us exactly how you use MozEx for following mailto: links
>> Joel.
> Please don't post the same questions in different newsgroups at the same
> time (gnu.emacs.gnus and this one).

If you read my initial post in gmane.emacs.gnus.general you will see my
clearly stated reasons for cross-posting, although this isn't
cross-posting really.... note the entirely different subject lines.

My post here was nothing more than a follow-up question to something
Joel said earlier.


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