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If 'export $MAIL=$HOME/Mail/inbox/' and display-time-mail-function do no

From: S.P.Tseng
Subject: If 'export $MAIL=$HOME/Mail/inbox/' and display-time-mail-function do not work fine?
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 21:38:33 +0800
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In my .bashrc
If I  export $MAIL=$HOME/Mail/inbox/'
whenever the directory $HOME/Mail/inbox/new have file or not, mode-line will 
always display
have new mail. It ignore display-time-mail-directory

And I set $MAIL=/var/mail/$USER or $MAIL=xxxxxx(do not exit). In .emacs add 
"(setq display-time-mail-directory "~/Mail/inbox/new/")"
everything work fine.


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