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Re: emacs keybinding syntaxes bewilderment

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: emacs keybinding syntaxes bewilderment
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:50:29 +0100

Am 17.12.2007 um 00:33 schrieb Lennart Borgman (gmail):

Peter Dyballa wrote:
Am 16.12.2007 um 20:37 schrieb Harald Hanche-Olsen:
Now it used to be, unless I am mistaken, that the elisp
manual used not to be distributed with the emacs source code, but came
separately.  I guess that must have changed?  But I don't know when.

I think it was at some time in 21.3.50 from CVS, before stable GNU Emacs 22 was released, September or October 2007.

But wasn't 22 released in June?

Then 22.1? I'm not using stable versions, so I am a bit uncertain. I remember that some real change happened then (22.1.50 -> 23.0.50?) and by paying more attention to the contents of the *compilation* buffer I found that the elisp.texi and elisp-* files appeared there.

OK, I found a hint a ChangeLog file:

        2007-09-06  Glenn Morris  <rgm>
                * Move from lispref/ to doc/lispref/.  Change all setfilename
                commands to use ../../info.
                * (infodir): Go up one more level.
                (usermanualdir): Change from ../man to ../emacs.
                (miscmanualdir): New.
                (dist): Use new variable miscmanualdir.
                * makefile.w32-in (infodir, texinputdir): Go up one more level.
                (usermanualdir): Change from ../man to ../emacs.
        2007-08-29  Glenn Morris  <rgm>
                * elisp.texi (EMACSVER): Increase to 23.0.50.
Is this already Alzheimer? Then using a mobile phone wouldn't make more damage when becoming up-to-date myself ...



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