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Re: IMAP over SSH in GNUS

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: Re: IMAP over SSH in GNUS
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 22:27:25 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.110007 (No Gnus v0.7) Emacs/22.1.90 (gnu/linux)

On Thu, Feb 14 2008, Hans Ekbrand wrote:

> (setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
>       '(
>               (nnimap ""
>                       (nnimap-stream shell)
>                       (imap-shell-program "ssh -q 'export 
> MAIL=maildir:$HOME/Maildir; /usr/lib/dovecot/imap --exec-mail imap'")
>                )
>                 (nnimap "test"
>                      (nnimap-address "localhost")
>                      (nnimap-server-port 1234)
>                )
>       )
> )
> While the second entry "test", works it requires:
>  a. a working ssh-tunnel before I start gnus
>  b. that the imap server is configured to listen on a port and to authenticate
>  c. that gnus manages (asks me about) username and password for the imap 
> server

See ~/.authinfo in (info "(gnus)NNTP").

> All of which are unnecessary in my current setup (the mutt-onliner above).
> Why does not the first entry above "" work? (gnus says:
>      {nnimap:test} (opened)
>      {} (denied))

Hm, I never tried something like this.  Does it help to redirect
stderr to /dev/null as suggested in the manual?

,----[ (info "(gnus)IMAP") ]
|      For IMAP connections using the `shell' stream, the variable
|      `imap-shell-program' specify what program to call.  Make sure
|      nothing is interfering with the output of the program, e.g., don't
|      forget to redirect the error output to the void.

If you don't get help here, you may ask in gnu.emacs.gnus.

Bye, Reiner.
      (o o)
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