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Re: For users not programmers with very little, maybe a smattering of ex

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: For users not programmers with very little, maybe a smattering of experience, how do you setup gnus for reading email?...
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 02:44:40 +0000
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Hi Reiner,

Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:

> On Thu, Feb 14 2008, Bastien Guerry wrote:
>> This minimal Gnus configuration file might help you here:
> I wouldn't call it "minimal Gnus configuration file".  Some settings
> there are already the default, not required or just a matter of taste.

I think that knowing the name of the variables which are setting the
default can be helpful for those who want to change the default.  

As for the matter of taste, I'd be happy to improve the file if you
suggest to remove something.

> ,----[ (info "(gnus)Starting Up") ]
> ,----[ (info "(gnus)Getting Started Reading Mail") ]

I know this.  But the first page doesn't really mention the second one,
and the second page is the 6.3.2 section.  Might take time to get there.

Maybe the only useful thing in my config example is this:

| (setq gnus-select-method '(nnnil))
| (setq gnus-secondary-select-methods '((nnml "")))

I think this is the correct way to configure Gnus for reading email 
(if you choose the `nnml' backend, which is a matter of taste.)

But the Gnus manual doesn't mention `nnnil' *anywhere*.

On you can read

| • What is the supposed way to just read mail and no news at all?
|   Currently I have
|   (setq gnus-select-method '(nnml ""))
|   and no secondary-select-method at all, but I feel it’s not right.
| • Who is this stupid asking all this basic stuff anyone knows anyway?
|   – StefanKamphausen (thankful for any pointers ;-) )

It is not easy to figure out what is the correct setting for
`gnus-select-method' when you just want to read email.  


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