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Re: problem with toolbar commands

From: coskun
Subject: Re: problem with toolbar commands
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 04:45:59 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 15, 12:57 am, Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> wrote:
> * coskun (2008-02-14) writes:
> > No, `C-c C-c LaTeX <RET>' does not work. I meant to say that commands
> > and macros are highlighted when I open a .tex file in Emacs.
> Does `M-x shell <RET>' work?  That means, do you get a prompt and can
> execute commands, most notably the call to latex?
> --
> Ralf

`M-x shell <RET>' does not work. When I try that, a shell buffer is
created, but I don't get a prompt.

I don't know if that would be helpful, but here is the Messeges buffer
when I run Emacs:
("C:\\Program Files\\Emacs\\bin\\emacs.exe")
Loading encoded-kb...done
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/tex-site.el (source)...done
Loading time...done
Loading comint...done
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/tex-site.el
For information about the GNU Project and its goals, type C-h C-p.

When I open a tex file this is what happens:
Loading latexenc...done
Loading tex...
Loading advice...done
Loading tex...done
Loading latex...
Loading regexp-opt...done
Loading edmacro...done
Loading easy-mmode...done
Loading latex...done
Loading font-latex...
Loading bytecomp...done
Loading font-latex...done
Applying style hooks...
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style/
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style/
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style/
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style/
Loading c:/Program Files/Emacs/site-lisp/auctex/style/
Applying style hooks... done
Sorting environment...
Removing duplicates... done
Loading tex-bar...done
Loading preview...
Loading byte-opt...done
Loading preview...done
Applying style hooks... done

When I execute latex using the toolbar, I get (Running `LaTeX' on
`test_preview' with ``latex \nonstopmode\input{test_preview.tex}'')
without any outputs. When I 'Kill Job', the Messages buffer looks
Type `C-c C-l' to display results of compilation.
LaTeX: problems after [0] pages.

When I do `M-x shell <RET>', I get Complete, In/Out, Signal menus
loaded. I don't however get the prompt. The Messages buffer will have
this additional line now:
Loading shell...done

Thank you for your help.


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