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PB with print

From: alain.berenguier
Subject: PB with print
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 11:57:51 +0100

I have a problem with thr print commande ( all prints ).
I work with emacs version 22.1.1
when i define (setq printer-name '("Epson Stylus..."))   it is ok but after 
a print
i have one error message "Epson...." is nor a sringp"
what is the name of printer,
(name on panel of config)
name of port ( i have tested with USB001 but no result.
the only printer working is an virtual poscript printer wich i have declared 
on lpt1
but i declare it to produce a poscript file to print in file.
it work like a default printer. But My default printer on windows is 
it not work as default, and if i
(setq printer-name '("PDFcreator")) this produce the same result as above.

OK i have a work arround to produce a file, then to print the file under 
directly. and delete it.

One of you  can help me?


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