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File dialog in Emacs under Glux

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: File dialog in Emacs under Glux
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 17:14:24 -0600
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I have been using w32 Emacs for quite a while and have gotten used to the File Dialog when mousing around the menu bar. I have commented the w32 specific stuff out of my .emacs for use under Gnu/Linux but I don't see file dialogs there (Fedora 8)even with use-file-dialog and use-dialog-box set to t in my .emacs. Does any of you have a clue as to why can't see file dialogs in Fedora. I don't have a Web connection to that machine and so I just downloaded the 22.1 sources, transferred them to the Fedora machine with a flash drive, and built them there. Did I miss some necessary toolkits. The About Emacs screen shows i686 with X toolkit and xaw3d.

I have used xmodmap to make mouse left handed with "pointer = 3 2 1" but I have to click twice to execute. Is there something I can put .xinitrc or .xmodmap or Xmodmap to make the mouse work like under w32 (one click)?



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