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Re: How to make moccur results to be inside the bottom window?

From: Dmitry Bolshakov
Subject: Re: How to make moccur results to be inside the bottom window?
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 12:32:47 +0300


> > After moccur, window is splitted vertically and results appear inside the 
> > top

>  > window, but I would like to see them inside the bottom window like it is

>  > made in many other editors

>  >

>  > I looked into the color-moccur.el - there are many

>  > switch-to-buffer-other-window calls, Is it possible to configure this

>  > function or "defadvice" it so that it would open other-window at the top?


> I'm not quite sure whether I understand what you mean.  In the first

> paragraph it seems you want the occurrences listed in the bottom window.

> That's what `switch-to-buffer-other-window' should do: If it doesn't

> find a suitable window it may split the largest or least recently used

> one.  The original window should become the upper one and the results of

> `moccur' should go to the lower one.  Please verify whether this fails

> to happen on your system, for example, by invoking C-x 4 b from the

> original window and typing in the name of the "moccur" buffer.


> In the second paragraph it seems that you want to see the results in an

> "other-window at the top".  Please clarify this.

It seems that you did not try color-moccur library. As I think, moccur acts 
approximately so:

searches buffers -> displays results in the _current_ window -> binds up/down 
keys to the "go to prev/next occurence" -> in the "go to", calls 
(switch-to-buffer-other-window found-buffer) + (goto-line found-line)

so _found buffers_ are displayed inside the bottom window but I want them 
inside the top

PS thanks for C-x 4 b, I did not know this key


with best regards

Dmitry Bolshakov

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