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Re: records-mode ?

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Re: records-mode ?
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 08:52:54 +0100
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   Xavier Maillard <address@hidden> writes:

   > After having tried Org Mode, Muse, Howm (a little) they are
   > really good package but too feature full and none offer a good
   > indexing system to retrieve informations quickly and easily
   > (except by adding links here and there).

   How does `outline-mode' feel?  I use it for keeping various notes.

Does it have something like an index of notes to quickly know
where to retrieve a note/information ? This is a major
requirement for me. In records-mode, pressing C-c C-j, I have an
index buffer which shows a list of keywords and the respective
notes entries (There is something close to this in notes-mode).

The big no-no about records-mode and notes-mode currently is that
they seem "dead" and unmaintained.

As Bastien said, maybe I am misusing Org. Maybe Org is really
what I want but concentrating only on the note taking aspect and
not using planning/todo handling.

As far as I remember, org-mode and remember has turned out very
good combination by the past _but_, I always feel lost when it
comes to « searching » informations -ie. I do not like the search

What I need, if I go back to Org, is a setup like this:

#1. One note page per day classified ala notes-mode (and I also
    want to have the possibility to have notes not related to dates
    -ie. independant notes (by, say, subject)
#2. An index of all my note entries (with quick search on
    keywords, tags, etc.)
#3. I want to be able to narrow on a note entry (this is easy in
    every mode I have tried)
#4. navigation facilities to previous/next day (as is done by
    records-mode and notes-mode). This is an important point for
    my job position.

Free form notes taking is, off course, a _must have_ for me.



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