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Re: records-mode ?

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Re: records-mode ?
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 03:00:25 +0100
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   Sounds to me like you could get very close to what you want by using org
   modes tags facility. It has fairly sophisticated tag based searching and
   displaying etc. 

As said earlier, I find Org and planner fantastic, really. The
main problem with them, _for me_, is that they just do way too
much. I always feel dumb and lost when trying to do simple
things. For example, searching in Org makes me sick. The other
problem with these tools, more for Org than planner, is that I
take way too much time to "organize" my data; I am always
changing how I do things, how I classify/tag them, and I am
always playing with latest package features.

At least, with something more basic, I am not tempted to "play"
but just to do and that's the most important thing in fact.

   It sounds to me like planner mode would be close to what you want. What
   you outline is very close to how I work with planner mode. 

   I have the planner day pages and it has support for moving around -
   previous day, next day etc. 

   I have various project pages with notes and tasks for each project. When
   I schedule a task, it appears in the day page once the date it has been
   scheduled for comes around. this gives me the best of both worlds. I
   have day pages that I can use to check what I did or will have to do on
   a specific day, but I also have project pages that I can check to get an
   overview of the tasks and notes relating to a specific project. I also
   use the time clocking facilities so that in my day pages, I get an
   overview of where I spent time for that day and in the project pages, I
   get an overview of how I've spent time on that project. 

Since I can't follow a discipline, I am no longer planning
anything. At my job position, tasks are coming all day long,
project is managed by project manager and it's their job to
verify I can work on a project and to plan any task needed. I am
only concentrating on doing the job.

I am like a FIFO: First crying, First served :) When a task hits
me, it is always urgent and of higher priority than anything I
was working on before (dixit my boss) thus the needless of any
organisational tool for me ;)

Otherwise, I would have had probably stuck with Org and friends.

   I use remember to make notes. A copy of the note is put on the day page
   and one in the project page for the project I specify 

Remember will probably stay here too as an helper in taking
(really quick) notes. I can't live without remember, this is
probably one of the most important package for me. I just need to
figure out how I can make it cooperate with either records or

Anyway, thank you very much for all your answers.


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