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Re: Does pclcvs support ssh protocol ?

From: Michael Hoffman
Subject: Re: Does pclcvs support ssh protocol ?
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 16:21:31 +0000
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Pierre Lorenzon wrote:

  Not exactly ! Since ssh transaction requires an interactive
  sequence during which password is required and send ! Hence
  if such a dialog is not allowed by pclcvs is wouldn't work !
  That exactly what append : when I issue # cvs up in the
  consol ssh password is required but when I try to use pclcvs
  instead NOTHING is required AT ANYTIME !!! and *cvs* buffer
contains :

Please calm down.

My copy of OpenSSH does not seem to support password input from a device that is not a terminal (such as the Emacs pipe I presume is setting this up).

The best thing to do would be to set up public key authentication so you do not need to type in passwords all the time.

Repository : :ext:address@hidden:/web/srv/sources/cvs

Logging in as root for routine uses like this is not a good idea.

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