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Re: Does pclcvs support ssh protocol ?

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Does pclcvs support ssh protocol ?
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 12:19:19 +1100
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Michael Hoffman <address@hidden> writes:

> Pierre Lorenzon wrote:
>> I am very surprised that none seems to have an answer to this
>> so simple question : "does pclcvs support ssh protocol ?" Using
>> cvs client side, if you set the environment variable CVS_RSH to
>> ssh, cvs will use ssh to communicate with the server. Does
>> pclcvs support this feature ?
> It's just a front-end to CVS, so it doesn't affect whether your local CVS
> installation supports ssh or not.
> Does it work under VC? What error messages do you get?
Not sure if its relevant or not, but the INSTALL file for CVS emacs has
the following note -

| Note on using SSH to access the CVS repository from inside Emacs
| ----------------------------------------------------------------
| Write access to the CVS repository requires using SSH v2.
| If you execute cvs commands inside Emacs, specifically if you use
| pcl-cvs, output from CVS may be lost due to a problem in the
| interface between ssh, cvs, and libc.  Corrupted checkins are
| also known to have happened.
| To fix the problem, save the following script into a file, make it
| executable, and set CVS_RSH to the file name of the script:
| #!/bin/bash
| exec 2> >(exec cat >&2 2>/dev/null)
| exec ssh "$@"
| This may be combined with the following entry in ~/.ssh/config to
| simplify accessing the CVS repository:
| Host
|      Protocol 2
|      ForwardX11 no
|      User YOUR_USERID


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