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Re: Cut and open commands?

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Cut and open commands?
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 18:22:36 +0100
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saneman <address@hidden> writes:

> I would like to redefine cut and open to: C-x and C-o regardless of
> the built in definitions.

Don't cripple your emacs yourself, use cua-mode.

,----[ C-h f cua-mode RET ]
| cua-mode is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in `cua-base'.
| It is bound to <menu-bar> <options> <cua-mode>, <menu-bar> <options>
| <cua-emulation-mode>.
| (cua-mode &optional ARG)
| Toggle CUA key-binding mode.
| When enabled, using shifted movement keys will activate the
| region (and highlight the region using `transient-mark-mode'),
| and typed text replaces the active selection.
| Also when enabled, you can use C-z, C-x, C-c, and C-v to undo,
| cut, copy, and paste in addition to the normal Emacs bindings.
| The C-x and C-c keys only do cut and copy when the region is
| active, so in most cases, they do not conflict with the normal
| function of these prefix keys.
| If you really need to perform a command which starts with one of
| the prefix keys even when the region is active, you have three
| options:
| - press the prefix key twice very quickly (within 0.2 seconds),
| - press the prefix key and the following key within 0.2 seconds, or
| - use the SHIFT key with the prefix key, i.e. C-S-x or C-S-c.
| You can customize `cua-enable-cua-keys' to completely disable the
| CUA bindings, or `cua-prefix-override-inhibit-delay' to change
| the prefix fallback behavior.
| CUA mode manages Transient Mark mode internally.  Trying to disable
| Transient Mark mode while CUA mode is enabled does not work; if you
| only want to highlight the region when it is selected using a
| shifted movement key, set `cua-highlight-region-shift-only'.

People sometimes  ask me if it  is a sin in  the Church of  Emacs to use
vi. Using a free  version of vi is not a sin; it  is a penance. So happy
hacking. (Richard M. Stallman)

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