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RE: textmate like fuzzy matching file completion?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: textmate like fuzzy matching file completion?
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 19:18:36 -0800

> ido-enable-flex-matching is great.  However, it does not seem 
> to match filenames in "projects".  Is there such a
> functionality in ido-mode or in some other mode?
> To be more clear about the functionality I'm talking about, 
> suppose you have a project rooted in the "project" directory:
> project/
> |
> +--- subdir1/
> |           |
> |           blah.txt
> |
> |--- subdir2/
> |           |
> |           blah.txt
> |
> |--- subdir3/
>              |
>              blah.txt
> In textmate, if you are currently working with a file in any 
> directory in the project, matches will occur on any file in
> that project. So if you are currently working on the blah.txt
> file in subdir1/, typing in 'blah' will bring up as choices
> the blah file in subdir2/ in addition to the one in subdir3/.

1. See command `icicle-locate-file'.

And if your project has files scattered all over your file system, instead
of under a single directory, you can define the project as containing just
those files.

2. Wrt your original query: Icicles has the same thing as Ido's "flex"
matching and TextMate's unnamed fuzzy file-name matching. I call it
"scatter" matching, because your input characters can be scattered (but kept
in order) to match a completion candidate. You can use it in Icicles to
complete any type of input, including file names.

Icicles also has a more sophisticated kind of fuzzy matching, provided by
Simon Marshall's library fuzzy-match.el. It is that kind of fuzzy matching
that is not available for file-name completion.

You can change the matching method at any time by hitting a key from the


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