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Re: dired copy marked files in xterm

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: Re: dired copy marked files in xterm
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 20:15:14 +0100
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Hi Thierry,
* Thierry Volpiatto <address@hidden> wrote:
> Fabian Braennstroem <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi,
>>     I would like to use the system 'cp' function in an xterm
>>     to copy marked files in dired.
>>     Right now, this small function works with the current
>>     file:
>> (defun tacopybackground(var1)
>>     "Copy"
>>   (interactive)
>>        (call-process-shell-command (concat "xterm -e 'cp -R 
>> "(dired-get-filename)" " (dired-dwim-target-directory) " &'"))
>>        )
>>     but obviously it needs some kind of loop or different
>>     approach for marked files!?:
>>        (call-process-shell-command (concat "xterm -e 'cp -R 
>> "(dired-get-marked-files)" " (dired-dwim-target-directory) " &'"))
>>     Does anyone have an idea or any suggestion? At the end I
>>     would actually use a similar command to transfer several
>>     large (up to 2-3GB) files to an remote machine using
>>     scp. Tramp is unfortunately to slow...
>> Greetings!
>>  Fabian
> You have to format "(dired-get-marked-files)" and
> "(dired-dwim-target-directory)"??==> is it a function ?

I don't understand your question.

> But what wrong with "C" in dired ?
> Mark your files and hit C ==> the path_where_you_want_to_copy_your_file RET

It is much slower, than the system's copy.

> For copying big files to remote from emacs use sshfs
> It's as fast as on your local system.

Thanks for your sshfs hint, but I am not sure yet, if it
works with our setup.


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