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german umlauts vs. meta key

From: Andreas Goesele
Subject: german umlauts vs. meta key
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 01:46:16 -0600
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I'm in the process of moving from XEmacs to Emacs, but I encountered a

To be able to input german umlauts directly I have in my init.el:

 (apply 'set-input-mode t (list (nth 1 (current-input-mode)))
 0 (list (nth 3 (current-input-mode))))

This worked fine under XEmacs.

Under Emacs it enables me to indeed directly input the umlauts, but it
disables all key combinations which use C-s or C-q. (I use emacs -nw
in an xterminal, namely KDE konsole.)
explains the problem as a conflict between umlauts and the meta key:
Supposedly the code above disables the meta key and thus enables the
input of umlauts. What I don't understand though, is that in my case
with this code the meta key (alt-left) is working, and only C-s and
C-q don't work.

An alternative to the code above would be (again according to the
website above) the following code:

     (global-set-key "\M-d"  'my-insert-ae)
     (global-set-key "\M-D"  'my-insert-Ae)
     (global-set-key "\M-v"  'my-insert-oe)
     (global-set-key "\M-V"  'my-insert-Oe)
     (global-set-key "\M-|"  'my-insert-ue)
     (global-set-key "\M-\\" 'my-insert-Ue)
     (global-set-key "\M-_"  'my-insert-ss)
     (defun my-insert-ae () (interactive) (insert "a:"))
     (defun my-insert-Ae () (interactive) (insert "A:"))
     (defun my-insert-oe () (interactive) (insert "o:"))
     (defun my-insert-Oe () (interactive) (insert "O:"))
     (defun my-insert-ue () (interactive) (insert "u:"))
     (defun my-insert-Ue () (interactive) (insert "U:"))
     (defun my-insert-ss () (interactive) (insert "ss"))

This code again indeed allows me to input the defined umlauts, but
disables M-v and M-d (which are of rather common use - I don't mind
the loss of M-\\ and such).

Another explanation of the problem I found is that under the console
C-s disables input and C-q reenables it - which indeed is the case,
but doesn't make much sense under a xterminal, does it? (XEmacs does
not interpret C-s and C-q this way.)

Is it possible to make umlauts work in emacs under a xterminal
(konsole) and using C-s, C-q, M-d, M-v etc. in the "normal" emacs way?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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