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Re: Can't paste from files with .arc extension

From: Brian Adkins
Subject: Re: Can't paste from files with .arc extension
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 09:27:47 -0800 (PST)
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On Mar 7, 12:02 pm, Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> wrote:
> Am 07.03.2008 um 17:18 schrieb Brian Adkins:
> > Given that I'm running without a .emacs file, I would think this would
> > be easy to duplicate. Just load a text file with a .arc extension and
> > try and select test in emacs and middle-button paste in a non-emacs
> > window. When I do that, I get nothing.
> In that case you might run into an error: auto-mode-alist will have
>          ("\\.\\(arc\\|zip\\|lzh\\|lha\\|zoo\\|[jew]ar\\|xpi\\|rar\\|ARC\\|
> ZIP\\|LZH\\|LHA\\|ZOO\\|[JEW]AR\\|XPI\\|RAR\\)\\'" . archive-mode)

I can set the file to whatever mode I want after loading and it
exhibits the same "can't paste to non-emacs window" problem.

> Copying a text file to name.arc and opening it in 'emacs -Q' gives me
> a Fundamental View and no problems with copy and paste. Problems
> start when the "ARC" file contains control characters or characters
> that cannot be displayed in the buffer's encoding and therefore are
> printed as \<some octal codes>.
> Having set LC_CTYPE to <country>_<COUNTRY>.UTF-8 I don't get
> autocomposed characters ...

As I mentioned before, I can rename any file to have a .arc extension
and I get this problem, so it's not a character encoding issue.

Just to confirm what you're saying about "no problems", are you:
1) running emacs in X windows as opposed to a terminal window
2) selecting text with the mouse  AND
3) middle-button pasting into a *non-emacs* window such as a shell

If so, I'm dumbfounded. When I explained what I was doing clearly,
another person on the Arc forum was able to see the same results with
emacs v23, so it's not unique to my particular environment.

I can copy/paste from/to emacs windows without difficulty, it's only
when selecting and middle-button pasting into a non-emacs window where
the difficulty arises.

Hmm.. I just tried renaming to and had the same paste
problem, so the auto-mode-alist does seem related. However, when I re-
add the code I had originally to set the mode properly, I no longer
get the error message, but I still have trouble with pasting outside
of emacs, so it appears either there is something other than the auto-
mode-alist causing the problem, or that adding a valid arc-mode isn't
sufficient and I need to remove the existing entries from the auto-
mode-alist variable. I would think that once a match is found, the
other entries wouldn't be considered, but maybe that's a wrong

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