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Re: nxhtml-mode from

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: nxhtml-mode from
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 02:06:51 +0200
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Tim X wrote:
nXhtml is using nXml and nxml-mode is derived from nxhtml-mode.

Isn't it the other way round?


When the load routines for nXhtml discovere that you are using a version of
Emacs that includes nXml it will use the version that is included in
Emacs. (Otherwise it uses the version that comes with nXhtml and is the
original version from James Clark.)

If there is, what you probably need to do is make sure your locally
installed one appears in the load-path before the once bundled with
So you should not do this. Please see above.

Hmm. While I see your point, I would still be suspicious that if you
have nxhtml-mode and iff it comes with nxml-mode, then it would be quite
feasible that depending on load-path settings, you may pick up parts
from the different versions of nxml-mode, which in turn could result in
inconsistencies if there has been changes made to one version and not
the other.

I try to avoid that as you can see above. If you have better suggestions then please tell me. (See the loading routines for how it works now.)

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