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Emacs 23 on OSX - migrating from Carbon Emacs - lots of small differenc

From: philkime
Subject: Emacs 23 on OSX - migrating from Carbon Emacs - lots of small differences
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 17:31:18 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

I am trying to move from Carbon Emacs 22.1 to macports Cocoa Emacs
23.60 but I'm having all sorts of small issues I hope I might be able
to find some information on here:

* The font smoothing is horrible. I want to turn it off and get the
same look I had with Carbon Emacs which had nice, crisp Courier New
instead of the blurry, ugly version I get in 23.60. I've tried the
AppleAntiAliasingThreshold default (which works fine for Carbon
emacs), I've tried --disable-font-backend. Nothing makes any
difference as far as I can see.
* The colours are different. If I run Carbon and 23.60 side-by-side,
"darkolivegreen" is lighter and redder in 23.60.
* I can't work out how to turn off the Command-X, Command-V cut and
paste stuff. There is a switch for that in Carbon Emacs. I want the
usual Emacs bindings, not the OSX ones.
* visible-bell flashes a silly little rectangle in the middle of the
frame instead of the top and bottom of the frame as in Carbon emacs.

Any pointers appreciated

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