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Emacs with SCIM-Pinyin. Bug?

From: Henri Häkkinen
Subject: Emacs with SCIM-Pinyin. Bug?
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 09:46:27 +0300


I have been experiencing the following kind of a problem in emacs.

I am using scim-pinyin to write Chinese script. When I have GTK emacs
open along with some other application, like gedit, skype or
gnome-terminal, and I switch between these windows using Alt-tab, the
candidate list of scim-pinyin is not working properly.

Like this:

1. I have open emacs and gedit open. Scim-pinyin disabled in both.

2. From gedit, I active scim and press w, the candidate list appears as
usual. I press esc to cancel.

3. I switch to emacs with Alt-tab and write something using regular

4. I switch back to gedit and press w again. The candidate list does not
appear. However if I continue "o SPACE", the Chinese wo character
appears as usual.

Can one body verify that this is the same behaviour in you too? I think
this maybe be a bug in emacs?

Henri Häkkinen

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