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Re: How to type when using Emacs?

From: Evans Winner
Subject: Re: How to type when using Emacs?
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 13:14:02 -0600
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don provan <address@hidden> writes:

    Certainly on a standard keyboard, making caps lock
    control is just silly [...]

I am not clear still about why this is.  I find it much
harder and more disturbing of my hand position to have to
scrunch my pinky way under and left to hit normal ctrl than
to simply move it an inch left.  I mean, I am, as I
mentioned in a previous post, not an expert touch-typist, so
maybe there are factors I am not ware of, but I find it much
easier to use Emacs (and everything else, actually) with
ctrl and caps-lock swapped.  I have two computers at home
(Gnu/Linux and NetBSD) mapped that way, and two computers at
work (Windows) and much prefer it so far (ca. 6 months).  I
also have to constantly type on other people's PCs that are
not mapped that way.  My feeling for it is that I have had a
pretty good opportunity to use both, compare directly and
not be able to totally base my opinion on habit, since I
have to switch back and forth a lot.  So, for what that's
worth, I have to say that it is (or at any rate feels) like
I am able to work faster and more smoothly with the swapped

But then, I do not have the kind of keyboard Mr. Lee
suggests, and I do like in principle the idea of simply
rocking the hand and palming the keys.  So I would like to
give it a try.

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